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James R. Weller, President & Worldwide Creative Director


Writer, Creative Director, Film Director, Art Director, Marketing Director, Editor
Former Senior Advisor to Presidents of the United States

World Wide Creative Director/Writer:
Summer Olympic Games, The Hunger Project, United Fund, Zink the Zebra
Reagan Natl Presidential Campaign,
GHW Bush National Presidential Campaigns 1988,1992.

2010 Senate Majority Leader Campaign, 2014 Central African Presidential Campaign
Former Board of Directors: Casablanca Fan, Sony Music
Advertising Hall of Fame Wisconsin 2018
Directors Guild of America
Adweek All Star

Winner/Gold Medals:
Cannes Film Festival Lion d’or
New York Film Festival, London Film Festival, Swiss Photo Graphis, New York One Show,
New York Art Directors, Beldings, Boyces, Clios Tellys, Addys, Andys, Emmys, Effys, CA
Ad Age 100 Best,

Best Political Campn All Time Reagan“Morning in America” Best Pol TV Spot “Dukakis Tank”
CD/ Writer 2 of 10 “Best of All Time US Ad Campaigns”: “Where’s the Beef”,“Joe Isuzu”
National Television Programs “Reagan” “President Reaga,n”
Michael Jackson “This Is IT”

World Wide Creative Director/Owner: Della Femina Travisano Adv.ny,la,atl,jpn
JRW Adv, mke, la, ny Weller & O’Sullivan Adv, la,ny,sf, EOR Weller Adv lv, ny, la, ct
Hal Riney & Partners sf, la, ny, cgo Jim Weller & Partners Adv mke, cgo
Creative Consultant and New Bus: D’arcy Masius Benton & Bowles ny,cgo,la,stls
Writer/Presenter Over $1 Billion in New Business Creative Shootout Wins

TV and Print Samples Ad Campaigns:

Original “Where’s the Beef,” “Joe Isuzu”, Disney “Bring the Magic Home”,
Alamo “Where All The Miles Are Free”, “Pamper Your Baby”, GHW Bush “Dukakis Tank”
Reagan “Morning in America”, Bush “Next Leader of the Free World”, Vegas Visitors,
Transamerica “The Power of the Pyramid” Citizen“How the World Tells Time” ABCNews,
CBS Network News, Foxwoods Casino, US Air, Alitalia, PSA Michael Jackson:”This Is It”
Ventech/Waste Management “Re-Empowering America 2016” The Wall Street Journal,
Burger King, In ‘N Out,, Carl’s Jr, Chase, Lloyds, Security Pacific “Your Bank For Life”,
GM, GF, Oscar Meyer, Toyota, Old Milwaukee Beer, Coca Cola, Maxwell House Coffee,
“Little Mermaid”, “Bambi”, “Hunchback”, “Nutty Professor, “Beauty And The Beast”.”