Imagine a safe, affordable, effective fuel enhancer that increases fuel economy, improves engine performance, lowers maintenance cost and pays for itself 3-7 times over.

Centron does that and more. It creates a cleaner fuel burn for individual vehicles and commercial fleets. But that’s just the beginning. Centon  can save millions of lives.

By lowering harmful emissions it can save the lives of School children riding the School Bus, can save Truck Drivers, Bus Riders, Millions of people living in over populate cities. And in the process lower medical costs, hospital stays, insurance Premiums and Worker Sick Days. Save fuel costs. And Save the planet in the process.

Centron boosts fuel economy 9 to 20%. Slashes harmful emissions up to 50%. It increase engine performance by 5%, reduces fuel-related problems by 15%. It reduces fuel costs and lowers fossil fuel use by up to 20%.

And just 3 or 4 ounces of Centron treats 10 gallons of Gas or Diesel


Centron Fuel Saver is a patented blend of environmentally safe materials. It’s U.S. EPA registered and third-party tested. So, how does this revolutionary product actually work and what does it do? Click diagram below to enlarge.

Centron cleans deposits from fuel tanks, lines, injectors, valves and piston rings and keeps them clean with continuous use bringing your engine back to “like new” performance.

Improved sealing of valves and piston rings reduces blow-by and improves performance lowers emissions and results in fuel economy.

Centron improves injector spray pattern to facilitate improved atomization. It reduces operating and maintenance costs: (A cleaner engine lasts longer and runs better). Centron eliminates EGR valve fouling and reduces diesel particulate filter (DPF) regenerations saving time, money and increasing DPF life.

It improves Combustion by reducing fuel surface tension and introducing additional oxygen to the combustion process.

Centron reduced surface tension allows better atomization so more of the fuel molecule to exposed to oxygen during the combustion process, resulting in improved oxgeneration enabling a more complete fuel burn providing better fuel economy and more power.

The improved combustion reduces hazardous emissions and particulate matter (PM) through a more efficient, yet lower temperature combustion process.

Centron lubricates pumps, valves, injectors and piston rings.

It replaces lost lubrication of ULSD and improves the performance and extends the life of pumps and injectors, reducing maintenance costs. It provides lubricity equal to that of 3000 ppm sulfur content fuel. And increased Lubrication to the upper cylinder area, valves and top rings reduces blow-by thus
improving efficiency and reducing oil contamination and dilution.

Centron also conditions fuel by removing excess water by carrying it through the combustion process.

It resolves algae and sludge issues, thus making Centron Fuel Saver one of the best algae and sludge solutions on the market today. It emulsifies water and suspends it allowing it to exit the fuel system through combustion instead of accumulating.

Centron also keeps fuel tanks and lines from rusting out, eliminates fuel line freeze during cold weather and protects and conditions bulk tank storage.

It improves Cold Flow by removing water and obstructing the linking and gelling of waxes in diesel fuel to protect your equipment down to 0˚F.

Centron promotes easier starting in diesel and gasoline applications and works in conjunction with diesel anti-gel additives to improve their effectiveness for below zero operation. And stabilizes fuel allowing it to stay fresh over an off-season, protecting against corrosion, water issues and wax and varnish deposits.

For storage it promotes molecular balance in the fuel and makes it shelf and tank stable, thus enhancing the oxidation stability of straight diesel, biodiesel blends, gasoline and gasoline ethanol blends. It controls water accumulation during storage,. And promotes easier starting after storage.   


Centron Fuel Saver and Emission Reducer is a patented, multifunctional distillate fuel enhancer that performs as a hydrocarbon enhancer, lowering the surface tension of fuel. This results in fuel molecules evaporating at a lower temperature when mixed with available oxygen, thereby creating a more complete and powerful combustion. Combined with potent detergent and lubricating properties, Centron  keeps injector nozzles free of carbon buildup and protects vital engine parts from excessive wear.